Four Summits Web Services provides many web-based services including web site development, maintenance and hosting. Maintenance involves keeping your web site as fresh as possible. Whether you decide to update your site daily, weekly, or monthly you need to keep clients/customers visiting your site.

The glossary below describes some of the many services we provide.

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initial consultation
This is provided free of charge to help determine your needs and to provide an estimate for your site development
website development presentation We will make a presentation at your site regarding the use of the internet and issues and concerns related to web site development and deployment .
web site design
Involves design of web page layout, graphics and navigation structure.
graphics development
Development of graphics which may consist of logos, buttons, image maps, etc.
graphics scanning
This involves the scanning of hardcopy graphical content for conversion to electronic media.
graphics optimization
This includes optimization of graphical content for the purpose of reducing image sizes to affect faster downloads and smaller file sizes to reduce overall size requirements for storage.
domain name search and registration
If you don’t have a domain name we will help do a search and secure the the name that you chose for your web site.
multiple browser testing
We test your site against multiple browsers to insure that it works for the majority of your client-base.
web site deployment
This involves the uploading of your developed site to a host server so it may be accessed on the world-wide web.
web site optimization for fast loading
We optimize your site so that it loads as quickly as possible. This involves reducing file sizes as much as possible without losing resolution.
web site optimization for search engines
You’ll want your site to be found by people using search engines. We make sure you have the appropriate site descriptors and key words so that the your intended client-base finds your site.
search engine registration assistance
We will assist in the registration of your site with the most popular search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.).
web site statistics
Web site statistics help you determine how much and what type of internet traffic your site receives.
web site hosting
Four Summits hosting is required for all site developed by Four Summits